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Thursday, March 26, 2015
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"Simpler Times I"

Tell us which Kinkade is your favorite and you will be entered to win your favorite Thomas Kinkade work. Winners will be randomly selected every Friday. You can vote once per day, so come back and vote daily. Winners will be posted weekly.

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Previous Winners


01/30/15 Leigh N.   Cobblestone Village
01/23/15 Robert O.   Sunrise
01/16/15 Cindy G.   Rock of Salvation
01/09/15 Lisa M.   Simpler Times I
01/02/15 Christy R.   Mountain Majesty
12/19/14 Steven M.   Sunrise
12/12/14 Jean C.   End of a Perfect Day II
12/05/14 Theresa P.   Memories of Christmas
11/28/14 Charles R.   Lakeside Hideaway
11/21/14 Brian M.   Lamplight Manor
11/14/14 Roxanne W.   Moonlight Lane I
11/07/14 Eva S.   Quiet Evening
10/31/14 Alexander H.   Garden of Prayer
10/24/14 Martha J.   Stairway to Paradise
10/17/14 Teresa H.   Holiday Gathering
10/10/14 Jan A.   Memories of Christmas
10/03/14 Allen V.   Mountains Declare His Glory
09/26/14 Krystle F.   Sea of Tranquility
09/19/14 Nichole S.   Holiday Gathering
09/12/14 Michael T.   Venice
09/05/14 John P.   Mountains Declare His Glory
08/29/14 Ronald B.   Mountains Declare His Glory
08/22/14 Lisandra O.   Home Is Where the Heart Is
08/15/14 Carolyn N.   Blessings of Spring
08/08/14 Nancy G.   Cobblestone Bridge
08/01/14 Mariola A.   Clocktower Cottage
07/25/14 Mardi M.   Mountain Majesty
07/18/14 Rebecca S.   Perseverance
07/11/14 Patrick D.   Perseverance
07/04/14 Susan B.   Blessings of Summer
06/27/14 Betty R.   Lamplight Inn
06/20/14 Peggy A.   Mountain Majesty
06/13/14 Harold P.   Sunset at Riverbend Farm
06/06/14 Kat C.   End of a Perfect Day II
05/30/14 David W.   Lakeside Hideaway
05/23/14 Faye W.   Home Is Where The Heart Is
05/16/14 Christopher P.   High Country Vista
05/09/14 Lester R.   Sunset at Riverbend Farm
05/02/14 Frederic S.   Mountains Declare His Glory
04/25/14 Steve S.   End of a Perfect Day II
04/18/14 Dale S.   Lights of Liberty
04/11/14 Gary E.   Sunrise
04/04/14 Patricia M.   Lamplight Manor
03/28/14 Rachel W.   Simpler Times I
03/21/14 Carl F.   The Aspen Chapel
03/14/14 Johnna M.   Cobblestone Village
03/07/14 Orville B.   Sunset at Riverbend Farm
02/28/14 Rose S.   Stairway to Paradise
02/21/14 Austin P.   Stillwater Bridge
02/14/14 Christine F.   Foxglove Cottage
02/07/14 Debra M.   Hometown Morning
01/31/14 Terry H.   Blessings of Summer
01/24/14 Sherlene S.   Home Is Where the Heart Is
01/17/14 Irene E.   Hometown Morning
01/10/14 Pat J.   Lakeside Hideaway
01/03/14 Gin B.   Blessings of Spring
12/20/13 Jim P.   Boulevard Lights, Paris
12/13/13 Steven W.   Sunrise
12/06/13 George D.   Lakeside Hideaway
11/29/13 Sondra B.   End of a Perfect Day II
11/22/13 Marcelle C.   Stillwater Bridge
11/15/13 Cindy P.   Boulevard Lights, Paris
11/08/13 Ronald B.   Perseverance
11/01/13 Jane K.   Holiday Gathering
10/25/13 Thomas S.   End of a Perfect Day II
10/18/13 Mary H.   Lights of Liberty
10/11/13 Dorothy S.   Perseverance
10/04/13 Greg B.   Blessings of Summer
09/27/13 Reveille P.   Perseverance
09/20/13 Cheryl S.   End of a Perfect Day II
09/13/13 Tammy O.   The Aspen Chapel
09/06/13 Ellen L   Lights of Liberty
08/30/13 Annette D.   Holiday Gathering
08/23/13 Margaret O.   Sunrise
08/16/13 George B.   Stairway to Paradise
08/09/13 Judy F.   Perfect Yellow Rose
08/02/13 Lori S.   Open Gate
07/26/13 Rosemary V.   Brookside Hideaway
07/19/13 Robert B.   Boulevard Lights, Paris
07/12/13 James I.   Sea of Tranquility
07/05/13 Anthony G.   Lakeside Hideaway
06/28/13 Elaine C.   End of a Perfect Day II
06/21/13 Mary T.   Perfect Yellow Rose
06/14/13 Wanda M.   Moonlight Lane I
06/07/13 Henry P.   Holiday Gathering
05/31/13 Alex G.   End of a Perfect Day II
05/24/13 Fran T.   Rock of Salvation
05/17/13 Kellie D.   End of a Perfect Day II
05/10/13 Marsha W.   Blessings of Summer
05/03/13 Mike B.   Home is Where the Heart is
04/26/13 Mary C.   Holiday Gathering
04/19/13 Rachel W.   Mountains Declare His Glory
04/12/13 Ruben A.   Brookside Hideaway
04/05/13 Esther P.   Split Rock Light
03/29/13 Iris K.   Stillwater Bridge
03/22/13 Edward B.   Perseverance
03/15/13 Krystle F.   Evening Majesty
03/08/13 Kim W.   Bridge of Faith
03/01/13 Silvana M.   Perfect Red Rose
02/22/13 Patricia F.   End of a Perfect Day II
02/15/13 Pamela M.   Garden of Prayer
02/08/13 Carlene B.   Holiday Gathering
02/01/13 Margaret O.   Boulevard Lights, Paris
01/25/13 Dale M.   Beacon of Hope
01/18/13 Jan P.   Lamplight Inn
01/11/13 Stephen M.   Venice
01/04/13 Martha J.   Bridge of Faith
12/28/12 Alicia P.   Perfect Yellow Rose
12/21/12 Lindsey J.   Lakeside Hideaway
12/14/12 John A.   Cape Hatteras Light
12/07/12 Sandi M.   Victorian Light
11/30/12 Jim W.   Mountains Declare His Glory 
11/23/12 Ellie K.   Moonlight Lane I
11/16/12 Joseph B.   Holiday Gathering
11/09/12 James I.   Lakeside Hideaway
11/01/12 Helene E.   Holiday Gathering
10/26/12 Teresa S.   Perseverance
10/19/12 Hugo J.   End of a Perfect Day III
10/12/12 Sang Yaw C.   Perseverance
10/05/12 Tammy D.   Garden of Prayer
9/28/12 David H.   Venice
9/21/12 Cathy T.   Sunrise
9/14/12 Cyndee T.   Spring Gate
9/07/12 Laura B.   The Aspen Chapel
8/31/12 Jane K.   Clearing Storms
8/24/12 Michael C.   Quiet Evening
8/17/12 Margaret T.   Perfect Yellow Rose
8/10/12 Jake F.   Wind of the Spirit
8/3/12 James L.   Hyde Street and the Bay, San Francisco
7/27/12 Martha J.   Mountain Majesty
7/20/12 Tommy B.   Simpler Times I
7/13/12 Angela E.   Holiday Gathering
7/06/12 Terry S.   Venice
6/29/12 Michael O.   Quiet Evening
6/22/12 Jennifer B.   Quiet Evening
6/15/12 Larry G.   Piccadilly Circus
5/25/12 Betty A.   Blessings of Summer
5/18/12 Barbara C.   Lamplight Village
5/12/12 Rachel W.   Streams of Living Water
5/04/12 Clifford H.   End of the Perfect Day II
4/20/12 Dianne E.   Venice
4/13/12 Amy L   End of a Perfect Day II
4/06/12 Becky G.   Cape Hatteras Light
3/30/12 Peggy C   Sunset at Riverbend Farm
3/23/12 Larry W.   Lingering Dusk
3/16/12 Beverly J.   Sunrise
3/09/12 Peggy M.   Garden of Prayer
3/02/12 Robert G.   Perfect Yellow Rose
2/24/12 Lori B.   Cape Hatteras Light
2/17/12 Aida T.   Lamplight Manor
2/10/12 Dave S.   End of the Perfect Day II
2/03/12 Al F.   Stillwater Bridge
1/27/12 Lori B.   Lakeside Hideaway
1/13/12 Ruth D.   Garden of Prayer
1/06/12 Martha J.   Holiday Gathering
12/30/11 Charles K   End of the Perfect Day III
12/16/11 Tammy O.   Clearing Storms
12/09/11 Leslie E   Hometown Morning
12/2/11 Mary H.   Sunset at Riverbend Farm
11/25/11 Linda F.   Home is Where the Heart Is
11/11/11 Natalie L.   Quiet Evening
11/04/11 Diane T.   Cape Hatteras Light
10/28/11 Peter P.   End of the Perfect Day II
10/21/11 Cheryl L.   Lamplight Manor
10/14/11 Christine F.   Garden of Prayer
10/07/11 Robert D.   Sunrise
09/30/11 Daryl A.   Evening in the Forest
09/23/11 Karl V.   Lakeside Hideaway
09/16/11 William A.   Piccadilly Circus
09/07/2011 Gerald F.   Holiday Gathering
09/02/2011 Judith D.   Venice
08/26/2011 Steven W.   Venice
08/19/2011 Roxanne W.   Cobblestone Village
08/12/2011 Linda D.   End of a Perfect Day II
08/05/2011 Diane F.   Holiday Gathering
07/29/2011 Lorraine C.   Quiet Evening
07/22/2011 Rosemary K.   Mountains Declare His Glory
07/15/2011 Nick M.   Piccadilly Circus
07/08/2011 Barbara S.   Memories of Christmas
07/01/2011 Gwen R.   Home is Where the Heart Is
06/24/2011 Gerald M.   Wind of the Spirit
06/17/2011 Steve W.   Perseverance
06/10/2011 Geoffrey S.   Sunset at Riverbend Farm
06/03/2011 Bonnie E.   Mountain Majesty
05/27/2011 Mildred Y.   Mountain Majesty
05/20/2011 Robert B.   Holiday Gathering
05/13/2011 Shawn V.   Victorian Light
05/06/2011 Robert C.   Hometown Morning
04/29/2011 Lisa W.   Quiet Evening
04/22/2011 Charlene W.   Good Shepherd's Cottage
04/15/2011 Joanne B.   Clocktower Cottage
04/08/2011 Brian R.   End of a Perfect Day II
04/01/2011 Anthony B.   Mountain Majesty
03/25/2011 Sue M.   End of a Perfect Day II
03/18/2011 Kyle K.   Hometown Morning
03/11/2011 Shawn V.   Clocktower Cottage
03/04/2011 Lori B.   End of a Perfect Day III
02/25/2011 Annette W.   Cape Hatteras Light
02/18/2011 Tammy O.   Garden of Prayer
02/11/2011 Laura B.   End of a Perfect DayII
02/04/2011 Robert B.   Holiday Gathering
01/28/2011 Martha J.   Mountain Chapel
01/21/2011 Robert D.   Holiday Gathering
01/14/2011 Pat R.   Lakeside Hideaway
01/07/2011 Tina A.   Garden of Prayer
01/01/2011 Judie B.   Venice
12/24/2010 Steve M.   Venice Canal
12/17/2010 Rachel C.   Garden of Prayer
12/10/2010 Linda D.   End of a Perfect Day II
12/03/2010 Steve P.   Hyde Street and the Bay, San Francisco
11/26/2010 Paul M.   Carmel, Mission
11/19/2010 Roy A.   End of a Perfect Day II
11/12/2010 Adam B.   Venice
11/05/2010 Greg S.   Evening in the Forest
10/29/2010 Diane B.   Memories of Christmas
10/22/2010 Stephanie B.   Mountains Declare His Glory
10/15/2010 Tommy B.   Lakeside Hideaway
10/08/2010 Alan K.   End of a Perfect Day II
10/01/2010 Roy A.   Sunrise
09/24/2010 Michael K.   Venice Canal
09/17/2010 Scott K.   Garden of Prayer
09/10/2010 Nicolie O.   Carmel Mission
09/03/2010 Pat C.   Home is Where the Heart is
08/27/2010 Marcia G.   Quiet Evening
08/20/2010 Alicia W.   Mountains Declare His Glory
08/13/2010 Brend A.   Clearing Storms
08/06/2010 Richard D.   Quiet Evening
07/29/2010 Yoko M.   Evening Majesty
07/22/2010  Sharon B.   Perfect Red Rose
 07/15/2010  Debbie S.    Rock of Salvation
 07/08/2010  Bryan B.    Quiet Evening
 07/01/2010  Bernadette B.    Stillwater Bridge
 06/24/2010  Barbara S.    Lakeside Hideaway


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